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Mini Load Carrier Involved in Night Stunt Seized,Sgr Traffic Police

In a decisive move against reckless driving, the Srinagar Traffic Police have seized a mini load carrier involved in dangerous stunts during night hours. The authorities have also recommended the suspension of the driver’s license, demonstrating a firm stance on road safety.

A senior traffic police officer informed the Wattan daily, that swift action was taken after reports and a viral video on social media showed the driver performing hazardous stunts. The driver was quickly located, and the vehicle was confiscated.

“We have seized the vehicle; the driver will be called for counselling sessions. We have recommended the suspension of his driving license,” the senior officer stated, emphasizing the seriousness of the situation.

The video, which gained significant attention on social media, depicted the mini load carrier driver engaging in perilous stunts. This prompted the traffic police to track down both the vehicle and the driver to prevent any further dangerous behavior.

In a tweet from their official X account, the City Traffic Police confirmed the action taken: “Traffic City Srinagar Seized One Mini Load Carrier Involved In Dangerous Stunt During Night Hours. Action Under Relevant Sections Of Motor Vehicle Act Taken And License Of Driver Has Been Recommended For Suspension.”

The driver now faces legal consequences under the relevant sections of the Motor Vehicles Act. The recommendation for the suspension of his license highlights the authorities’ commitment to enforcing road safety regulations and discouraging reckless driving.

The senior officer stressed that there is a zero-tolerance policy towards such actions. The swift response to this incident serves as a potent reminder to all drivers about the importance of adhering to traffic regulations and the severe consequences of violating them.

The incident and subsequent action have sparked discussions among netizens, many of whom raised concerns about road safety. This public outcry played a crucial role in prompting the rapid response from the traffic authorities, underscoring the community’s role in maintaining road safety standards.

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