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MeT Forecast Dry Weather in Jammu & Kashmir Till April

The Meteorological Department has forecast generally dry weather in Jammu and Kashmir until April 10, with a drop in night temperatures across most places except Gulmarg and Jammu. However, from April 11-12, the weather is expected to turn generally cloudy with the possibility of light rain or snow in isolated areas. Subsequently, from April 13-15, generally cloudy conditions are anticipated with intermittent light rain or snow likely in many places across the region.

In terms of temperature, Srinagar experienced a minimum of 4.5°C, marking a decrease from the previous night and registering 2.4°C below normal for this time of the year. Qazigund recorded a minimum of 2.5°C, Pahalgam 2.7°C, and Kokernag 3.8°C, all showing a decrease from the previous night and ranging from 1.6°C to 3.2°C below normal. Gulmarg, however, saw a slight increase in temperature, recording a low of 1.0°C, which was above normal by 0.5°C for this renowned skiing destination.

Meanwhile, Jammu recorded a minimum temperature of 17.1°C, slightly below normal by 0.7°C for this time of year. Other areas such as Banihal, Batote, and Bhaderwah also experienced varying minimum temperatures ranging from 4.8°C to 8.5°C. The fluctuating temperatures across the region signify the transition from winter to summer conditions.

This weather update provides valuable information for residents and travelers in Jammu and Kashmir, allowing them to prepare for potential changes in weather patterns and temperature fluctuations. It’s essential for locals and tourists to stay informed about the latest forecasts to ensure their safety and well-being during their time in the region. As the transition to warmer weather continues, individuals should remain vigilant and adapt their plans accordingly to mitigate any potential risks associated with the changing climate conditions.

The forecasted shift towards cloudy weather and the possibility of light rain or snow in the coming days underscores the need for precautionary measures and preparedness. Residents and visitors are advised to keep an eye on updates from the Meteorological Department and to take appropriate actions to stay safe during inclement weather conditions. Whether it’s adjusting travel plans or ensuring adequate clothing and shelter, being proactive in response to changing weather forecasts is crucial for everyone’s welfare.

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