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Medical student suspended over Blasphemous Post in GMC Srinagar

A non-local medical student at the Government Medical College (GMC) in Srinagar has been suspended following protests over an alleged blasphemous post on a caller app. The suspension was announced on Wednesday after fellow students raised concerns about the post, which they deemed offensive.

In response to the incident, the GMC Srinagar administration took immediate action. The administration posted on X, stating that they had suspended the student pending an enquiry. This enquiry will be conducted by a committee comprising 13 Heads of Departments (HODs) and Heads of Units (HOUs) to determine the necessary actions under the rules.

The situation escalated earlier when protests erupted at the college. Students and junior doctors gathered to express their outrage over the alleged blasphemous post, which reportedly depicted an offensive image related to the Prophet.

One of the protestors mentioned that they had given the student a three-hour ultimatum to remove the offensive display picture. However, the student reportedly refused to comply, which further fueled the protests.

The protestors are now demanding strict action against the student for allegedly hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims. They believe that such actions cannot be tolerated and are calling for justice to be served.

In the wake of the protests, the GMC administration has urged all concerned individuals to maintain peace and tranquility on campus. They emphasized the importance of resolving the matter through proper channels and ensuring that the situation does not escalate further.

The enquiry committee, consisting of 13 senior faculty members, is expected to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident. Their findings will guide the administration on the appropriate disciplinary measures to be taken against the suspended student.

This incident highlights the sensitive nature of religious sentiments in educational institutions and the need for careful handling of such matters to maintain harmony and respect among diverse student communities.

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