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Man Found Unconscious at Workplace, Declared Dead at SKIMS Soura

A tragic incident unfolded in Srinagar as a man from the Anchar area was discovered unconscious at his workplace and later pronounced dead at SKIMS Soura. Identified as Tariq Ahmad, a resident of Manz Mohalla in Anchar, he was brought to the hospital by his workplace helper, a neighbor, and a few locals, with visible injuries including a laceration on his nose.

According to reliable sources reported by Srinagar-based news agency Wattan Daily Tariq Ahmad was found in an unconscious state late Thursday night, prompting immediate action to rush him to SKIMS Soura for medical assistance. Despite the efforts of those who brought him and the medical staff at the hospital, he was declared dead upon arrival.

The exact circumstances surrounding Tariq Ahmad’s condition remain unclear, prompting the police to launch an investigation into the incident. With the police taking cognizance of the situation, further inquiries are underway to shed light on what led to the tragic turn of events.

The news has sent shockwaves through the community, leaving many questioning the circumstances of Tariq Ahmad’s demise and mourning the loss of a fellow resident. As details emerge and investigations progress, the community awaits answers and seeks closure in the wake of this unfortunate incident.

Tariq Ahmad’s sudden and untimely death serves as a somber reminder of the fragility of life and the unpredictability of events. It underscores the importance of workplace safety and the need for vigilance in ensuring the well-being of employees in all environments.

Expressions of sympathy and condolences pour in from across the region as the community grapples with the loss of Tariq Ahmad. His memory is honored as friends, family, and neighbors come together to support each other during this difficult time. The investigation into his death continues as authorities work to uncover the truth and provide justice for Tariq Ahmad and his loved ones.

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