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Laborers Drown in River, Two Dead Probe Launched

Rajouri, May 16 (WD): In a tragic incident, two individuals lost their lives due to drowning in the Rajouri district of the Jammu division. The victims have been identified as Tariq Hussain, a resident of Chalass, and Mohd Imran, a resident of Mandi, both hailing from the Poonch district.

An official from the news agency Wattan confirmed the identities of the deceased. Tariq Hussain was the son of Said Mohd, while Mohd Imran was the son of Bagh Hussain. Both were working as laborers in the Rajouri district when the unfortunate incident occurred.

The drowning took place near Bholiv Mata, a location known for its river. The specific circumstances leading to the drowning are still unclear, but local authorities have initiated an investigation to ascertain the details.

Upon receiving the report of the incident, the police promptly arrived at the scene. Their immediate priority was to recover the bodies and ensure that no other individuals were in danger.

The local community is in a state of shock and mourning following the news. Both victims were known for their hard work and dedication, contributing significantly to their families and communities.

In light of the tragedy, the authorities have urged people to exercise caution near water bodies, especially during seasons when rivers can be particularly hazardous. Safety measures and awareness are critical to preventing such incidents in the future.

As the investigation continues, the families of the deceased are seeking answers and closure. The community stands in solidarity with them, offering support and condolences during this difficult time.

This incident serves as a sobering reminder of the dangers posed by natural water bodies. Authorities are likely to review safety protocols and consider additional measures to protect those working or living near such areas.

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