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J&K Govt. Suspends 12 Engineers in Power Department

In a significant move, the government of Jammu and Kashmir has taken action against 12 engineers employed in the Power Development Department (PDD). The suspension comes amidst allegations of misconduct and negligence in their duties within the department.

According to official sources, the decision to suspend the engineers was made following a thorough investigation into various complaints and irregularities reported within the PDD. These complaints ranged from lapses in maintenance schedules to inefficiencies in addressing power supply issues, which have been a longstanding concern for residents of the region.

The suspension serves as a stern warning to government officials regarding accountability and performance in their respective roles. It underscores the administration’s commitment to ensuring transparency and efficiency in the functioning of crucial departments like the PDD, which directly impact the daily lives of citizens.

Furthermore, this action sends a clear message that the government is taking proactive measures to address systemic issues within its departments. By holding employees accountable for their actions, the administration aims to instill confidence among the public and improve the overall delivery of essential services.

The government has emphasized its commitment to maintaining high standards of governance and public service, particularly in critical sectors such as power distribution. This suspension is part of broader efforts to streamline operations, enhance accountability, and ultimately improve the quality of life for residents of Jammu and Kashmir.

As investigations into the conduct of the suspended engineers continue, the government has assured that necessary steps will be taken to address any deficiencies and prevent similar lapses in the future. It remains focused on promoting integrity, professionalism, and effectiveness within its workforce to better serve the people of the region.

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