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J&K Apni Party Suspends Mudassir Aziz from All Roles & Responsibilities

Srinagar, May 17 (WD): The Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party has announced the suspension of Mudassir Aziz, a party member and administrator of the party’s Facebook page. The suspension was enacted on Friday due to behaviour deemed inconsistent with the party’s values and ethics.

In a formal suspension order, the party stated, “In light of recent events, it has come to the attention of the Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party that Mr. Mudassir Aziz has exhibited behaviour that is inconsistent with the values and ethics upheld by our organization.” This statement highlights the seriousness of the actions that led to the suspension.

The Apni Party emphasized its commitment to maintaining a high standard of integrity, respect, and humanity. The statement further read, “The Apni Party is committed to maintaining a standard of integrity, respect, and humanity, which Mr. Aziz’s actions have contravened.” This assertion underscores the party’s dedication to ethical conduct.

Effective immediately, Mudassir Aziz has been relieved of all his roles, responsibilities, and activities within the Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party. The suspension order makes it clear that his association with the party in any official capacity is terminated. This decisive action reflects the party’s intolerance of behaviour that conflicts with its core principles.

The suspension comes as part of the Apni Party’s broader efforts to uphold a culture of accountability and ethical behaviour among its members. The party’s leadership has made it clear that they do not condone any actions that undermine their commitment to these values. This incident serves as a reminder to all members about the importance of aligning with the party’s ethical standards.

The party has a history of taking swift action against members whose actions do not align with its values. This latest suspension is part of a series of measures aimed at ensuring that the party remains true to its foundational principles. It signals to both party members and the public that the Apni Party is serious about maintaining ethical integrity.

Mudassir Aziz’s suspension is a significant move by the party, reflecting its zero-tolerance policy towards behaviour that is deemed inhumane or unethical. The Apni Party’s decision is also a step towards reinforcing the trust and respect it aims to foster within the community.

The Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party remains dedicated to its mission of integrity and ethical governance. This recent action against Mudassir Aziz reiterates the party’s resolve to act decisively in preserving its values. The party will continue to monitor and address any conduct that violates its standards, ensuring a principled approach to politics.

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