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Jammu Srinagar National Highway Update

Traffic Update: Jammu and Kashmir From March 31st, 1700 hrs. to April 1st, 1700 hrs., the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway (NHW) experienced a 3-hour blockage at Kishtwari Pather due to a stone slide. Slow movement persisted on NH-44, with single-lane traffic and breakdowns affecting travel at Dalwas, Mehad, Panthyal, Nachlana, and Shalgarhi. Additionally, poor road conditions were noted between Nashri and NAVYUG Tunnel.

Passengers and light motor vehicle (LMV) operators are advised to undertake journeys on the Jammu-Srinagar NHW during daylight hours, avoiding nighttime travel due to concerns about shooting stones between Ramban and Banihal. Load carrier operators should follow advisories regarding loading fresh perishable/live stock, considering single-lane traffic and road conditions at specific locations.

Heavy motor vehicle (HMV) operators are urged to avoid overloading, ensure vehicle fitness, and carry sufficient fuel for journeys on the Jammu-Srinagar NHW. Specific regulations apply to HMVs with 6 and 10 tires on Dhar road.

Traffic Plan for April 2nd, 2024:Subject to fair weather and road conditions, LMVs including passenger/private cars will be allowed from both sides on the Jammu-Srinagar NHW. However, HMVs will be managed on a regulated basis after assessing road conditions. Cut-off timings for LMVs are specified due to single-lane conditions at various points.

Road Status Updates: SSG Road (Srinagar-Sonamarg-Gumari) remains blocked. Mughal Road and Bhaderwah-Chamba Road are blocked due to snow accumulation .Kishtwar-Sinthan-Anantnag NH-244 is also blocked due to snow.

    Advisory:Travelers are advised to verify road status before undertaking journeys on NH-44 by contacting designated traffic control units in Jammu, Srinagar, Ramban, Udhampur, and PCR Kishtwar. Stay informed and plan your travel accordingly.

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