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Jammu Srinagar National Highway Traffic Update

Traffic Update on NH-44 at 0830 Hrs

This morning, the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway (NHW) is facing sluggish traffic flow, with delays reported along various stretches. The congestion is primarily attributed to the challenging conditions of the road, characterized by single-lane configurations and poor surface quality.

Motorists navigating through Dalwas, Cafeteria-Mehad, Panthyal, Gangroo, Nachlana, and Kishtwari Pther are encountering slower-than-usual travel speeds.

To mitigate further disruptions, authorities emphasize the importance of adhering to lane discipline. They caution against reckless overtaking maneuvers, which could exacerbate the existing congestion and potentially lead to safety hazards.

Commuters are urged to exercise patience and follow traffic guidelines to ensure a smooth and orderly flow of vehicles.

Furthermore, commuters are advised to heed traffic advisories and refrain from traveling against established traffic plans.

This caution comes as authorities continue to address residual traffic issues from yesterday’s influx, particularly from Uttar Pradesh. Ongoing road maintenance and repair works at various locations have contributed to the delay in clearing yesterday’s traffic buildup.

In light of these challenges, motorists are encouraged to plan their journeys accordingly, allowing for extra travel time and remaining vigilant for updates from traffic authorities.

By cooperating with traffic management measures and exercising caution on the road, commuters can contribute to safer and more efficient travel experiences along the NH-44 corridor.

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