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Jammu srinagar National highway important update

March 3 (WD) At 0630 hrs, the latest traffic update reveals that the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway (NHW) remains obstructed at multiple points due to mudslides, landslides, and shooting stones. This has prompted authorities to advise against traveling on NH-44 until the road is cleared. The blockages pose significant risks to commuters, and it’s imperative for travelers to heed the cautionary advice provided by the authorities.

For real-time updates on the status of NH-44, individuals are encouraged to contact the Traffic Control Units (TCU) stationed at various locations along the highway. Contact numbers for different regions are provided for convenience. These TCUs serve as vital communication channels for disseminating the latest information regarding road conditions, closures, and alternative routes. Staying informed through these channels can help travelers make informed decisions about their journeys.

In Jammu, individuals can reach out to the designated contact numbers: 0191-2459048, 0191-2740550, 9419147732, or simply dial 103 for assistance. Similarly, in Srinagar, commuters can seek updates by contacting the specified numbers: 0194-2450022, 2485396, 18001807091, or by dialing 103 for immediate assistance. These helplines are staffed to provide timely responses and guidance to motorists navigating the affected areas.

Additionally, travelers passing through Ramban can utilize the contact number 9419993745 or the toll-free helpline 1800-180-7043 for updates on road conditions and any advisories in place. Similarly, those in Udhampur can stay informed by reaching out to the designated contact number: 8491928625. These local points of contact play a crucial role in keeping travelers abreast of the evolving situation on NH-44 and ensuring their safety during transit.

In light of the ongoing blockages and hazards on the Jammu-Srinagar NHW, it’s recommended for commuters to exercise caution and patience. Avoiding unnecessary travel on NH-44 until authorities declare the road safe for passage is strongly advised. By staying informed through official channels and heeding the guidance provided, individuals can contribute to their own safety and the smooth flow of traffic amidst challenging conditions.

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