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Iran-Pakistan Conflict, Latest updates

New Delhi, Jan 18 (WD):

On January 18, Pakistan confirmed conducting strikes against militant targets in Iran in response to Tehran’s attacks on Pakistani territory earlier that week. The situation is escalating, with both nations claiming to have targeted terrorist hideouts, leading to concerns of a potential conflict between Pakistan and Iran. Stay updated on the latest developments with Wattan Daily’s coverage of the Pakistan-Iran conflict.

Iran initiated military strikes, targeting the Jaish al-Adl militant group in Balochistan, heightening tensions. In retaliation, Pakistan executed “precision military strikes” against alleged terrorist hideouts in Iran’s Sistan-Balochistan province. Unfortunately, civilian casualties have been reported amid the rising tensions. Follow Wattan Daily for continuous coverage of the evolving situation between Pakistan and Iran.

The ongoing row has raised fears of further escalation, despite Pakistan’s attempts to contain the conflict. Analysts caution that Iran’s motives for attacking Pakistan are unclear, but the situation could potentially worsen given broader Iranian behavior in the region. Notably, Pakistan’s strikes within Iranian territory mark a significant development, raising concerns about the conflict’s trajectory.

Turkey has urged Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan to exercise restraint, emphasizing the importance of resolving issues through friendship, brotherhood, and mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Amid the geopolitical tensions, the Taliban’s foreign ministry has advocated for diplomacy and dialogue, urging Iran and Pakistan to address disputed issues through peaceful means.

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