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IAF convoy attack in Poonch: Search operation to track down militants enters sixth day

The search operation to track down militants responsible for the IAF convoy attack in Poonch has entered its sixth day, with security forces intensifying their efforts in the Surankote belt. The attack, which occurred on May 4, resulted in the tragic loss of an IAF corporal’s life and injuries to four others. The operation, involving the Army, police, and CRPF, spans nearly 20 square kilometers in the targeted area.

Utilizing advanced surveillance equipment such as drones and sniffer dogs, security forces are meticulously combing through locations including Shahsitar, Gursai, Sanai, Lasana, and Sheendara top. The focus remains on identifying the perpetrators, with images of three to four suspects, likely obtained from CCTV footage, circulating publicly. To aid in their capture, posters offering a substantial cash reward of ₹20 lakh have been displayed in Surankote.

In tandem with the search efforts, 26 individuals have been detained for questioning, underscoring the authorities’ commitment to thorough investigation and apprehension of those responsible. CCTV footage is being carefully reviewed for potential leads, reflecting the multi-pronged approach adopted by security forces in the pursuit of justice. Additionally, the search operation extends to Sada and Kandi areas in Rajouri district, indicating the comprehensive nature of the efforts to root out terrorism in the region.

The persistence and determination of security forces underscore their resolve to ensure the safety and security of civilians and defense personnel alike. Despite the challenges posed by rugged terrain and elusive adversaries, efforts to maintain peace and stability in the region remain unwavering. The collaborative approach between various security agencies reflects a united front against terrorism, with a shared commitment to thwarting any threats to national security.

As the search operation continues, the authorities remain vigilant, leveraging all available resources to track down the perpetrators and bring them to justice. The resolve demonstrated in the aftermath of such attacks reaffirms the resilience of India’s security apparatus in the face of adversity. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to safeguard the nation’s sovereignty and uphold the principles of peace and security in the region.

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