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Govt Employee dismissed from service over anti-national activities

The Jammu and Kashmir Government took decisive action on Friday by dismissing a teacher, Manzoor Ahmed Laway from DH Pora Kulgam, from his services due to his involvement in anti-national activities.

This decision came after law enforcement and intelligence agencies discovered his engagement in activities detrimental to the interests of the state.

Law enforcement agencies had noted Laway’s involvement in two FIRs registered at Police Station DH Pora, Kulgam. In the first incident dated July 9, 2016, Laway, along with his associates, allegedly instigated a mob to cause damage and destruction to government property. The mob proceeded to march towards Police Station DH Pora, looting arms, ammunition, and other government property before setting the station ablaze.

In a subsequent incident on September 10, 2016, Laway, again with his associates, led a mob that engaged in stone-pelting on a joint party of police and security forces. The situation escalated when armed gunmen from the mob fired indiscriminately at the police party.

As a teacher, Laway held the responsibility to guide students away from activities detrimental to the security of the state.

However, his direct involvement in fomenting secessionism among student circles undermined this responsibility. Thus, the government deemed his continued service as a teacher contrary to the purpose for which he was appointed to government service.

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