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Gandbal Bridge Construction Resumes After Tragedy

In the wake of the tragic boat capsizing incident that claimed the lives of six individuals in Gandbal area of Batwara, authorities in the Roads and Building (R&B) department have initiated construction work on a bridge in the locality.

The incident, which occurred on April 16, cast a somber shadow over Kashmir as a boat ferrying 15 people capsized in the River Jhelum at Gandbal. Six lives were lost, while three individuals, including a father-son duo and another minor boy, remain missing as the search efforts extend into the sixth day.

According to an official from the R&B department, construction work on the Batwara-Gandabal bridge had already commenced prior to the tragedy but was briefly halted following the incident. However, it resumed two days later at an accelerated pace, notwithstanding some technical hurdles that contributed to the delay.

Sajad Ahmad Naqeeb, Chief Engineer of the R&B department, affirmed that construction work on the Gandabal-Batwara bridge had commenced in 2017 with an estimated cost of Rs 3.67 crores. He acknowledged that technical challenges had impeded progress but assured that efforts were underway to overcome these obstacles.

The locals from Batwara and Gandabal areas have urged the administration to expedite the construction of the Gandabal Bridge, emphasizing the vital importance of swift completion to enhance connectivity and ensure safer transportation in the region.

As the construction efforts regain momentum, the community remains hopeful that the completion of the Gandabal-Batwara bridge will not only address connectivity needs but also serve as a tribute to the lives lost in the tragic boat mishap, underscoring the resilience and unity of the community in the face of adversity.

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