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From School Dropout to Startup Success: Shazia’s Samovar Revolution

Shazia, a woman from Qazigund, has revolutionized the traditional Samovar by introducing gas and electric versions, making it more versatile for cooking alongside tea preparation.

Previously used solely for boiling tea, the Samovar now boasts gas and electric variants, thanks to Shazia’s innovative mind and determination.

Shazia didn’t stop at the gas-powered Samovar but also developed an electric version with a timer, ensuring swift tea preparation while prioritizing user safety by preventing over-boiling.

Her innovations have simplified the preparation of traditional Kashmiri ‘Noon Chai’ while preserving its cultural importance, earning her recognition and awards, including at the National Innovation Foundation festival in New Delhi.

Originally from Chek-i-Badwani village in Qazigund, Shazia had to drop out of school due to financial constraints but pursued her passion, establishing her startup and meeting growing demand for her Samovars.

Shazia appeals to the government for support to further develop her Samovar, which can utilize different types of energy, offering employment opportunities and aligning with Islamic teachings on women’s potential in entrepreneurship.

Her journey from a school dropout to an award-winning innovator highlights the transformative power of determination and creativity in uplifting communities and preserving cultural heritage.

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