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For Assembly polls, JK CEO Directs Officials To Start Election Preparations

In a significant development, the chief electoral officer of Jammu & Kashmir has instructed district election officers (DEOs) to commence the activities outlined in the Election Commission of India’s election planner for holding assembly polls in the Union Territory. This directive marks an important step towards conducting legislative assembly elections in the region.

The CEO’s letter was addressed to all 20 deputy commissioners, who also serve as district election officers. The correspondence emphasized the need to initiate the activities as per the “election planner” provided by the Election Commission of India (ECI). This planner includes detailed schedules and actions required for the successful execution of the electoral process.

The letter highlighted that the ECI had set the process in motion for conducting the elections by issuing a schedule for the summary revision of the electoral roll. This move is seen as a preparatory step to ensure the voter lists are updated and accurate before the assembly polls take place.

According to the letter, the activities envisioned in the election planner must be carried out promptly and efficiently. The aim is to complete these pre-poll activities within the stipulated timeframe to ensure a smooth and successful conduct of the elections to the Legislative Assembly of Jammu & Kashmir.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also underscored the importance of these preparations during his address on June 20. He emphasized that the people of Jammu & Kashmir should have the opportunity to elect their representatives and address their issues through a democratically elected government.

Modi expressed optimism that the preparations for the assembly elections were well underway, and he assured that the day was not far off when the people of Jammu & Kashmir would elect their new government. He conveyed confidence that this democratic process would enable the region to shape its future once again as a state.

The election planner serves as a comprehensive guide for election authorities, outlining various plans and activities necessary for conducting the elections. It ensures that all logistical and procedural aspects are addressed systematically to facilitate a fair and transparent electoral process.

With the directives from the chief electoral officer and the support of the Prime Minister, Jammu & Kashmir is on its way to conducting its much-anticipated assembly elections. This development brings hope for enhanced democratic governance and the empowerment of the people in the Union Territory.

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