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Five Militants and Two Soldiers Killed in Twin Encounters in

In a series of intense encounters in South Kashmir’s Kulgam district, five terrorists and two soldiers have been killed. The twin gunfights, which began on Saturday, have led to significant casualties on both sides, according to officials.

An official from the Kashmir News Observer reported that one of the encounters took place in Chinigam Frisal, Kulgam, where four terrorists and a soldier lost their lives. The fighting in this area has been particularly fierce, reflecting the ongoing tensions in the region.

In a separate incident, another terrorist’s body was discovered in Modergham this morning, adding to the toll. Additionally, a second soldier was reported killed late Saturday afternoon, highlighting the continued risks faced by security forces during these operations.

The operations at both locations are still ongoing, with authorities employing drones and other surveillance equipment to monitor the situation. The use of advanced technology underscores the complexity and danger of the ongoing engagements.

As further details are awaited, the twin encounters in Kulgam have drawn significant attention, underscoring the volatile security situation in South Kashmir. The sacrifices of the soldiers and the relentless efforts to combat terrorism in the region remain at the forefront of national concern.

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