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FFRC proposes to impose penalty on schools in Sgr for violating its orders

The Committee for Fixation of Fee Structure of Private Educational Institutions of J&K has proposed a penalty on a private school in Srinagar for violating its fee orders. The committee communicated to the school’s Chairman that the institution was supposed to adhere to the fee structure fixed by the committee. However, a complaint indicated that the school had hiked its fees by 20 percent, contrary to the committee’s directives.

Chairperson of the Fee Fixation Committee, Justice (Retd) Sunil Hali, stated that the school authorities had the option to appeal to the committee for a reconsideration of the order but chose not to. Instead, the school reportedly showed disregard for the committee’s authority when approached by concerned parents, dismissing the orders of the FFRC.

The committee has noted consistent non-compliance from the school regarding orders issued by the government and the committee. Numerous complaints have been received about the school collecting fees at exorbitant rates, highlighting a pattern of defiance since 2015. Despite repeated notices, the school has failed to respond or appear before the committee.

As a consequence, the FFRC chairperson has proposed a penalty of one percent of the school’s revenue from the preceding year. According to the audit report submitted by the school, this penalty amounts to approximately 32 lakhs. Additionally, the committee is considering recommending that the appropriate authority take over the school’s management.

Before any final action is taken, the school’s chairman has been directed to appear before the committee on May 17, 2024, at 3 PM to explain his position. The committee has made it clear that if the chairman fails to appear, the proposed actions, including the penalty and potential management takeover, will be executed without further notice.

This stringent approach by the FFRC underscores the committee’s commitment to enforcing regulatory compliance among private educational institutions in J&K. The ongoing defiance by the school in question not only breaches financial regulations but also undermines the authority of the governing bodies established to protect the interests of students and parents.

The penalty serves as a warning to other institutions that non-compliance with the fee structure regulations will not be tolerated. The committee’s actions aim to ensure fairness and transparency in the fee structures of private schools across the region.

By taking decisive action, the FFRC hopes to set a precedent that will encourage all private educational institutions to comply with regulatory requirements, thereby fostering a more equitable educational environment in Jammu & Kashmir.

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