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Extortionist Saqib Bashir Arrested within 24 hours by Police amid Outrcy by Public on Social Media

Anantnag, Dec 25 (WD): Extortionist Saqib Bashir Arrested within 24 hours by Police amid Outrcy by Public on Social Media.

The Anantnag police recently arrested Saqib Bashir Ganai, a resident of Rakh Moman Bijbehara, on charges of cheating and illegally extorting money from individuals in South Kashmir. The arrest followed social media reports and a formal complaint against Ganai, accusing him of employing intimidating tactics to unlawfully extract money from people.

A statement released to Wattan Daily by the police outlined that legal action has been initiated, with a case (FIR No. 294/2023) registered at Police Station Bijbehera under relevant sections of the law. The successful identification and arrest of Ganai were reported in connection to the alleged incidents of cheating and extortion.

In response to this case, the police issued a cautionary advisory to citizens, urging them to exercise prudence when using the internet and social media apps. The advisory emphasized the importance of reporting grievances directly to the police for appropriate legal action rather than resorting to social media platforms for public discourse.

The arrest underscores the seriousness of the charges against Ganai, indicating a deliberate and illicit scheme to exploit individuals for financial gain. It serves as a reminder of the legal repercussions individuals may face when engaging in fraudulent activities such as cheating and extortion.

This incident highlights the role of social media in bringing attention to potential criminal activities, prompting law enforcement to take necessary action. The police’s swift response demonstrates the importance of collaborative efforts between the public and law enforcement agencies in maintaining community safety and security.

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