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Electricity Bill Shock Grips South Kashmir: Residents in Disbelief

Anantnag, Jan 22 (WD):

Electricity Bill Shock Grips Kashmir: Residents in Disbelief

A surge in power tariffs in South Kashmir has left residents in disbelief as the Power Development Department (PDD) continues to incrementally raise charges on a monthly basis. Urging reconsideration, residents express concerns about bills being raised without surveys, resulting in inflated charges.

Ab Rashid from the Litter area disclosed to Wattan Daily English/Urdu that bills have been raised without proper surveys, leading to a notable increase in charges. Some consumers report a significant monthly surge ranging from Rs 1050 to 1300.

Subzar Ahmad from Shopian voiced his dismay, stating, “Unscheduled power cuts are already burdening us, and now the PDD is escalating our electricity bills.” He expressed shock at the increased load agreement and bill amount without consumer consent, emphasizing the financial strain on residents, particularly those in financially vulnerable villages.

Ab Hamid from Anantnag pointed out that the government has raised tariffs 4-5 times over the past year or two. He urged the government to consider the impact on lower-income individuals, proposing separate rates for APL and BPL ration card holders and the development of specific schemes for them.

Residents collectively appeal to the PDD, seeking a thorough reconsideration of their decision to alleviate the financial burden on the people.

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