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DSEK Issues Guidelines for Private Schools,Fair Fees, Equal Opportunities & More

In a recent meeting, the Director of School Education Kashmir (DSEK) issued directives to private schools in the region, emphasizing that no student should be deprived of necessary documents due to fee disputes. The meeting, attended by heads of prominent private schools, underscored the importance of upholding the rights of students as mandated by the Right to Education (RTE) Act.

DSEK clarified that any fee-related disputes should be resolved between parents and the institution, without impacting students’ access to essential documents like Discharge Certificates and Admit Cards. Additionally, the department emphasized that no minutes of the meeting regarding these directives have been officially issued yet, cautioning against misinformation spread by unauthorized sources.

Among the decisions made during the meeting, it was stipulated that private schools must adhere to fee structures set by the Fee Fixation Committee, ensuring transparency and fairness in financial matters. Moreover, students should not be burdened with additional books or content beyond what is prescribed by the government, aiming to alleviate financial strain on families.

The education department also addressed transportation concerns, stating that bus fees should align with the approved rates set by the Fee Fixation Committee. Furthermore, it was emphasized that during winters, bus drivers and attendants should receive salaries equivalent to other employees of the institution, ensuring equitable treatment across staff members.

These directives aim to safeguard the rights of students and promote a conducive learning environment in private schools across the Kashmir division. By prioritizing students’ welfare and adherence to regulatory frameworks, the education department seeks to foster educational equity and inclusivity in the region.

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