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Beware of Fake 8th Class Result Announcements in Kashmir, Fake Class 8th result circulated on social media

Recently, there has been a surge in fake 8th class result announcements circulating on social media platforms, particularly targeting students in Kashmir Division. These fraudulent posts often claim to provide early access to results or offer shortcuts to check results before the official release.

It’s crucial for students and parents to remain vigilant and rely only on verified sources such as the official  website or reputable news outlets for result updates. Falling for these fake announcements can lead to misinformation, unnecessary stress, and confusion among students and their families.

To avoid being misled, here are a few tips:

  1. Trust official sources: Always check the authenticity of any result announcement by verifying it through official channels.
  2. Verify links: Be cautious of clicking on unknown links or providing personal information to unofficial websites.
  3. Spread awareness: Share this message with friends, family, and peers to prevent them from falling victim to fake result scams.

Let’s prioritize accuracy and reliability to ensure a smooth and authentic result-checking experience for everyone involved. Stay informed, stay safe!”

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