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Clashes Erupted During Anti-Encroachment Drive In Jk, Several Policeman’s Injured

Clashes erupted during an anti-encroachment drive in Samba, Jammu, leaving several policemen injured. The operation aimed to reclaim over 20 acres of land and combat illegal drug trafficking in the area. Jointly conducted by police and civil authorities, the drive targeted encroachments near Balol Nullah in Bari Brahmana.

Samba SSP Vinay Sharma highlighted the purpose of the operation, citing concerns about the area becoming a drug hotspot. The operation led to the demolition of approximately 40 mud-houses belonging to the Gujjar community. However, it was met with resistance from alleged encroachers, resulting in violent clashes with law enforcement.

Despite the challenges, authorities pressed forward using teargas and baton charges to clear the area. The SSP emphasized that the operation aimed to address the issue of encroachment while also combating drug-related activities. An industrialist applauded the initiative, noting that the reclaimed land belonged to the State Industrial Development Corporation (SIDCO) but had been misused for illicit purposes over the years.

The successful operation was seen as a significant blow to anti-national elements involved in narco-terrorism. A case was registered, and investigations are ongoing to apprehend those responsible for attacking the police. The drive underscores the government’s commitment to reclaiming public land and maintaining law and order in the region.

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