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Clarification on False Allegations Regarding Yoga Day Celebrations by Director Colleges

Srinagar, June 20 (KS): In light of recent misinformation circulating on social media regarding the Yoga Day celebrations, the Director Colleges J&K has issued a statement to clarify the facts. Allegations have surfaced claiming that employees were forced to participate, female employees were made to change their clothes, and even pregnant women were compelled to join the event. The Director has strongly rebutted these claims, emphasizing the voluntary nature of the participation.

The Director Colleges has assured that all participants in the Yoga Day celebrations chose to join the event willingly. No employee was compelled to partake in the activities against their will. This affirmation aims to dispel any misconceptions about coercion and ensure that the truth is understood by the public.

Addressing concerns about the attire, the Director clarified that employees were not required to change their clothes. Instead, long tunics were provided for participants to wear over their existing attire. This measure was taken to ensure the comfort and convenience of all employees, respecting their personal preferences and maintaining a supportive environment.

Furthermore, the Director highlighted that the well-being of the employees was a top priority. Pregnant employees and those with medical conditions were specifically not asked to participate in the Yoga Day celebrations. This approach underscores the Director’s commitment to accommodating individual health needs and ensuring that participation was both safe and voluntary.

In conclusion, the Director Colleges has urged everyone to verify facts before spreading false narratives that can lead to unnecessary concern and confusion. The misinformation regarding the Yoga Day event has been addressed to set the record straight and reassure all stakeholders of the genuine and considerate intentions behind the celebrations.

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