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BJP Senior Leader Arshad Bhat Leads Roadshow in Pulwama

BJP Senior Leader Arshad Bhat Leads Massive Roadshow in Pulwama

Pulwama, 1 May: Amidst the vibrant streets of Pulwama, BJP senior leader Arshad Bhat led a resounding roadshow today, marking a pivotal moment in the party’s grassroots outreach and election campaign for the Lok Sabha 2024 polls.

The extensive roadshow commenced from the office of Arshad Bhat, traversing through key areas including Shaheed Farooq Chowk and Chudi Market, culminating at Dangerpora. Arshad Bhat was joined by senior party leader Sajjad Raina, underscoring the party’s commitment to grassroots engagement and outreach.

The event witnessed overwhelming support from local residents, underscoring the resonance of BJP’s message in Kashmir. Participants voiced their allegiance to the party while expressing discontent with the incumbent NC and PDP parties.

Addressing the enthusiastic crowd, Bhat said, “Today, we marched through the streets of Pulwama, not just to campaign, but to ignite a flame of change. We refuse to let the legacy of mismanagement and corruption persist. It’s time for a new era of progress, where education, healthcare, and peace are our priorities. We call upon every Kashmiri to join us in this journey towards a brighter future, united in our resolve to build a better tomorrow.”

He further highlighted the transformative agenda of the BJP, stating, “Once BJP assumes power in Kashmir, we will dismantle oppressive laws like AFSPA and PSA, fostering an environment of peace and prosperity across the region.”

Sajjad Raina echoed also sentiments, urging locals to demand accountability from NC and PDP politicians for their previous governance. He underscored BJP’s purported role in transforming Kashmir while alleging widespread violence and bloodshed under previous administrations.

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