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Another Encounter Starts In Jk, SOG personal Injured

Srinagar, June 12  – An intense gunfight has erupted between terrorists and security forces in the Bhalesa area of Doda on Wednesday. This confrontation marks a significant escalation in the ongoing efforts to neutralize terrorist threats in the region.

A high-ranking police officer, speaking to the Srinagar-based news agency Kashmir Scroll, confirmed that the exchange of fire began following a targeted search operation. The operation was initiated based on specific intelligence inputs indicating the presence of terrorists in the area.

As the joint team of security forces approached the suspected location, they came under heavy fire from the hiding terrorists. This aggressive response from the terrorists triggered a fierce gunfight, according to the officer.

The joint forces, comprising both local police and army units, had meticulously planned the operation to minimize collateral damage and ensure the safety of civilians. However, the immediate and intense retaliation from the terrorists has complicated the situation.

The police officer emphasized that the security forces are well-prepared and have fortified their positions to handle the ongoing encounter. Reinforcements have also been dispatched to the site to support the engaged units and to cordon off the area, preventing any escape by the terrorists.

This encounter in Bhalesa Doda underscores the volatile security situation in the region, which has seen intermittent clashes between security forces and terrorist elements. The area has been a focal point for security operations aimed at dismantling terrorist networks and restoring peace.

Authorities are urging residents in the vicinity to remain indoors and avoid the conflict zone to ensure their safety. The ongoing operation is being closely monitored by senior officials, who are coordinating the efforts to neutralize the threat.

As the gunfight continues, more details are awaited. The situation remains tense, and further updates will be provided as soon as additional information becomes available. The priority remains the swift resolution of the encounter with minimal harm to civilians and security personnel.

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