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Alleged Forced Conversion of Non-Local at Dargah: Srinagar Police Registers FIR

Srinagar police have initiated an investigation into an alleged forced conversion incident at the Hazratbal shrine, registering an FIR after a video went viral on social media platforms. The video purportedly shows a non-local named Sandeep converting to Islam during Friday prayers. The dissemination of the video has raised concerns about religious harmony and tolerance, sparking unrest among the public and drawing reactions beyond the borders of Jammu and Kashmir.

According to the FIR accessed by Kashmir Dot Com, Sandeep, a resident of Haryana employed as a domestic worker in Srinagar, was allegedly mentally manipulated by the owner of the house, Anayat Muntazir. Anayat reportedly coerced Sandeep into reciting the Kalma during congregational prayers, leading to his conversion. The police have taken action under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including disobedience to public servants’ orders and promoting enmity between different religious groups.

FIR no. 55/2024 has been registered at Police Station Nigeen, with a Sub-Inspector assigned to complete the case file and submit the investigation report to the Superintendent of Police for further action. The authorities have appealed for calm as they diligently address the matter and ensure justice prevails. The incident has highlighted the delicate balance of religious harmony in the region and the importance of maintaining peace amidst diverse communities.

The alleged forced conversion incident has drawn attention to the issue of religious coercion and its implications for communal relations. It underscores the need for vigilant oversight and protection of individuals’ rights to religious freedom. The police’s swift response reflects the seriousness with which such incidents are being addressed, aiming to prevent any escalation of sectarianism and communal discord in the region.

As investigations proceed, authorities are expected to delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding Sandeep’s conversion and the role of those involved. The outcome of the investigation will likely have broader implications for ensuring religious freedom and safeguarding communal harmony in Jammu and Kashmir. This incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges and complexities in navigating religious diversity and promoting mutual respect and understanding among different faith communities.

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