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Aharbal, Kashmir’s Hidden Gem, Attracts Over 2 Lakh Visitors

Aharbal, Kashmir’s Hidden Gem, Attracts Over 2 Lakh Visitors

Aharbal, fondly known as the ‘Niagara of Kashmir’, has witnessed an influx of over 2 lakh visitors in the first six months of this year.

Located 25 kilometers from Kulgam town, Aharbal has become a favorite among both local and domestic tourists.

According to official figures, over 2 lakh tourists have visited Aharbal so far this year, with June alone seeing a record-breaking 152,921 arrivals.

The monthly breakdown reveals a steady increase in visitor numbers, with 3,655 visitors in January, 19,559 in February, 7,726 in March, 25,750 in April, 19,610 in May, and 152,921 in June.

Tourists from across the country and abroad have been drawn to Aharbal’s gurgling waterfall and captivating mountain vistas, with many praising the scenic destination’s unique charm.

Local visitors have also been flocking to Aharbal, with many calling for additional tourism infrastructure to be built to attract more visitors and promote local businesses.

Ghalib Mohiuddin Shah, CEO of Aharbal Development Authority, confirmed the surge in visitor numbers and announced plans to build additional infrastructure to attract more tourists.

With its natural beauty and increasing popularity, Aharbal is poised to become a top tourist destination in Kashmir, offering relief from the heatwave and a unique experience for visitors.

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