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7000 Kashmiri Pilgrims Prepare for Annual Hajj

Ahead of the annual Hajj pilgrimage, 7000 people from Kashmir are gearing up to embark on the holy journey to Makkah.

Officials from the Hajj House have emphasized meticulous planning and arrangements to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for the pilgrims. They’ve commenced the distribution of necessary documents in Srinagar and across various districts.

Highlighting improvements from the previous year, officials mentioned upgrades in accommodation by booking C class tents, a step up from the D class tents used previously. The cover size of the tents has also been increased from four to five persons, aiming to provide greater comfort and convenience for the pilgrims.

The first flight carrying pilgrims from Kashmir to Saudi Arabia is scheduled for May 9, marking the beginning of the journey for Muslims in the region. Dr. Shujaat Ahmad Qureshi, executive officer of the Jammu and Kashmir Hajj committee, reiterated their commitment to facilitating a memorable and spiritually enriching experience for the pilgrims.

There are two flights scheduled until May 15, followed by one flight each day thereafter. The distribution of necessary documents has already begun in Srinagar and across various districts, indicating the committee’s readiness for the pilgrimage.

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