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60% Accident Cases Admitted To SMHS hospital in Last 24 hours,

60% cases admitted to SMHS hospital in 24 hours attributed to road accidents, doctors urge caution while driving

Srinagar, Apr 11 : Amidist the Eid-ul-Fitr festivities, the valley has witnessed a surge in road accidents, as during the last 24 hours, over 60 per cent of cases admitted to the hospital were attributed to road accidents.

Renowned Doctor, Prof. Dr. Iqbal Saleem, has voiced his concern over the growing number of accidents during festive periods.

According to the news agency— (WD), Dr. Saleem stressed upon the importance of safety measures, particularly for the younger populace.

He urged them to prioritize their safety by adhering to traffic regulations and wearing helmets.

Dr. Saleem underscored the significance of responsible driving behavior, especially during celebratory occasions like Eid.

“A word of advice for my young friends. Idd is a day of celebrations. However, we see an increased number of road traffic accidents during this time. Please wear helmets and drive as per the rules. Your life and well-being are precious for your parents as well as the society. God bless,” he remarked in a post on X.

In another post on X, Dr. Saleem revealed that the surgery department at SMHS Hospital had attended to 1155 patients within the last day, with 56 requiring admission. Among these cases, a significant portion comprised victims of road accidents, reaffirming the urgent need for caution and responsible driving practices.

Meanwhile, netizens on social media have showered praises on the doctors who on the occasion of Eid rendered a 24-hour work shift.

A X user on his account while reacting to the post of Dr. Saleem wrote, “Your team’s selfless service along services of all Doctors on the Eid day and commitment to patient care is truly commendable and makes a significant difference in people’s lives. Thank you for your selflessness and sacrifices”—(WD)

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