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6 Feared dead as Boat carrying minors capsizes in river Jhelum

In a tragic incident early this morning, a boat ferrying several minors, including students and locals, from Gandarbal to Batwara in Srinagar capsized in the River Jhelum near the Batwara area of central Kashmir’s district Srinagar. Eyewitnesses from the Batwara-Gandabal area reported that the boat, carrying local minors and other children, sank, plunging the entire community into shock and trauma.

As the news spread, locals frantically called on the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) and other authorities to launch a swift rescue operation. However, despite an hour passing since the incident, there were no signs of any rescue team, heightening the distress in the area.

The lack of immediate rescue efforts has intensified concerns among residents, who fear for the safety of those onboard the capsized boat. With every passing moment, the urgency to locate and rescue the minors and other passengers trapped in the river grows.

Meanwhile, as the community awaits the arrival of rescue teams, anxieties continue to mount, with prayers and hopes pinned on the swift intervention of authorities to avert further tragedy. The incident underscores the critical need for robust emergency response mechanisms to prevent such accidents and mitigate their consequences.

As the situation unfolds, authorities are urged to prioritize the rescue mission and deploy all necessary resources to ensure the safe retrieval of those aboard the capsized boat. The community remains on edge, awaiting updates and praying for the well-being of the passengers involved in this harrowing ordeal.

Efforts to coordinate rescue operations are underway as authorities mobilize resources to address the crisis. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable dangers lurking in waterways and the imperative of maintaining vigilance and preparedness to respond effectively to emergencies.

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