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2 ex Army Porters Held With 2.04 kg Heroin

In a significant operation, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) team from Jammu, with assistance from the BSF’s G Branch, arrested two narcotic smugglers near the Line of Control area, recovering 2.04 kg of heroin. The operation took place in the Chingus area on the Rajouri-Jammu Highway.

The two arrested individuals, identified as Sajad Hussain and Mohammad Anwar, were formerly employed as porters with the Indian Army. They were apprehended based on specific intelligence that they were transporting a consignment of heroin smuggled from across the border.

Sajad Hussain, son of Munir Hussain, hails from Thandikassi in Rajouri, while Mohammad Anwar, son of Fateh Mohammad, is a resident of Chitti Bakri, an area adjacent to the Line of Control. The NCB and BSF’s collaborative effort led to the successful raid in the Chingus area, resulting in the seizure of the narcotics.

The NCB had received a tip-off about the smuggling activities of these two individuals. Acting on this information, the team managed to intercept them and recover the substantial quantity of heroin from their possession. This consignment is believed to have been brought into India from across the border.

Both accused smugglers had previously worked as porters for the Indian Army but were disengaged due to their suspicious activities. Their prior experience and knowledge of the area likely facilitated their smuggling operations.

This arrest underscores ongoing issues of drug and arms smuggling, as well as infiltration in the Chitti Bakri area. Previous incidents have indicated a persistent threat from across the border, necessitating continued vigilance and cooperation between various security agencies.

Efforts are now underway to identify and apprehend other associates of the arrested smugglers. Interrogations are being conducted to trace the network involved in this cross-border smuggling operation.

The successful bust highlights the importance of intelligence sharing and coordinated efforts between different branches of security forces in combating the narcotics trade and ensuring regional security.

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