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17 including 3 Women’s Injured In Stray Dog’s Attack in North Kashmir

In a distressing incident, seventeen individuals, including three women, two children, and twelve others, fell victim to a stray dog attack in various villages of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district on Thursday. The alarming outbreak occurred in the villages of Heewan, Fathegarh, and Sheeri, leaving a trail of injuries among both humans and animals.

According to reports from the News Agency Kashmir Scroll, the rampage unfolded on Thursday morning, with a stray dog attacking multiple people and animals within a span of just a few hours. The severity of the situation prompted immediate medical attention and intervention.

In response to the crisis, the injured individuals were swiftly transported to the Primary Health Center (PHC) in Sheeri. There, medical professionals administered essential first aid and anti-rabies vaccines to mitigate the risk of infection. However, the condition of three critically injured victims necessitated further medical treatment, leading to their referral to the Government Medical College (GMC) in Baramulla.

Dr. Azhar Majeed, a Medical Officer at PHC Sheeri, confirmed the provision of initial medical assistance to all injured individuals. Additionally, he verified the transfer of the critically injured patients to GMC Baramulla for specialized care, underscoring the seriousness of the injuries sustained during the stray dog attack.

This recent incident adds to a concerning trend of stray dog attacks in the region, with a similar occurrence reported just five days prior in the neighboring district of Kupwara. The recurrence of such incidents underscores the urgency of implementing effective measures to address the stray dog population and prevent further harm to residents and livestock in the affected areas.

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