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15 Vehicles Seized for Illegal Mining in South kashmir

In a significant crackdown on illegal mining activities, as many as fifteen vehicles have been seized in the Kulgam district of South Kashmir over the past two days. This decisive action underscores the authorities’ commitment to curbing unlawful mining practices in the region.

An official from the Geology and Mining Department Kulgam informed Voice of India (VOI) that the operations were led by District Mineral Officer (DMO) Murtaza Bashir. With the assistance of the Kulgam police, the team conducted raids at several locations, including Manzgam, Damhall, Mirbazar, and Devser.

During these raids, fifteen vehicles, including one tipper and fourteen tractors, were found engaged in illegal mining and the transportation of raw materials. The vehicles have since been seized and handed over to the police for further action.

District Mineral Officer (DMO) Kulgam, Murtaza Bashir, emphasized a strict stance against illegal mining activities. He stated that only mining conducted through legal processes would be permitted, and any illegal mining activities would be met with severe repercussions.

Bashir reiterated that the department acts promptly upon receiving reports of illegal mining. Regular raids and enforcement actions are part of the strategy to deter and penalize those who violate mining regulations.

The DMO also issued a stern warning to legal miners, cautioning them against engaging in illegal mining, particularly during night hours. He urged them to adhere strictly to legal guidelines or face stringent actions.

This recent crackdown serves as a clear message to those involved in illegal mining that the authorities are vigilant and committed to enforcing the law. The collaboration between the Geology and Mining Department and the Kulgam police has been instrumental in executing these operations effectively.

Overall, the efforts by the Kulgam district authorities highlight their dedication to preserving the region’s natural resources and maintaining the rule of law. Continued vigilance and strict enforcement are expected to deter illegal mining activities and ensure sustainable and legal mining practices.

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