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Oil marketing companies reduce prices of LPG commercial cylinders, Check New prices

New Delhi, July 1: In a move aimed at offering relief to businesses and commercial enterprises, oil marketing companies have announced a reduction in the prices of commercial LPG gas cylinders, effective Monday.

The price of the commercial LPG cylinder of 19 Kg has been slashed by Rs 30. Consequently, the new retail sales price of a 19 Kg commercial LPG cylinder in Delhi is now Rs 1646.

This latest price cut follows a series of reductions over the past few months. On June 1st, the rate of 19 kg commercial LPG cylinders was reduced by Rs 69.50 in Delhi, bringing the retail sales price down to Rs 1676. Prior to that, on May 1, 2024, there was a reduction of Rs 19 per cylinder. These consecutive price decreases indicate a positive trend for businesses struggling with operating costs amid economic challenges.

The frequent adjustments in LPG cylinder prices at the start of each month reflect the dynamic nature of the market. Various factors such as international oil prices, taxation policies, and supply-demand dynamics play a significant role in these pricing decisions.

Although the exact reasons behind the recent price decrease have not been disclosed, it is evident that the oil marketing companies are responsive to the broader economic conditions and markets.

The reduction in LPG prices is particularly significant given the current economic climate. Businesses, especially those in the food and hospitality sectors, heavily rely on commercial LPG cylinders for their operations. The price cuts provide some much-needed financial relief, enabling these businesses to better manage their operating costs and potentially pass on some savings to consumers.

Additionally, the government has been proactive in promoting the use of LPG cylinders for cooking in homes through various schemes such as the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana. It provides subsidies to eligible families, encouraging the adoption of cleaner cooking fuels and improving living standards.

As the market continues to evolve, stakeholders will be closely monitoring the factors influencing these price adjustments, including international oil market trends and domestic economic policies.

For now, the reduction in the price of commercial LPG cylinders provides a small but significant respite to many, signaling a step in the right direction for the broader economic landscape.

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