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Over 400 posts – 100 gazetted, 300 non-gazetted – lying vacant at GMC Anantnag

Anantnag, Feb 23 (WD): At the Government Medical College (GMC) in Anantnag, a concerning number of positions, both gazetted and non-gazetted, are currently vacant, as reported on February 23rd. These vacancies amount to over 400 positions, excluding those temporarily filled through academic arrangements. Among these, approximately 100 gazetted positions and around 300 non-gazetted positions are unfilled, highlighting a significant staffing gap at the institution.

An individual named MM Shuja filed a Right to Information (RTI) request, revealing detailed insights into the vacancy situation at GMC Anantnag. Of the 23 sanctioned positions for professors, only one permanent professor is currently in place, with nine positions filled through academic arrangements and 13 remaining vacant. Similarly, out of 32 sanctioned associate professor positions, only 26 are occupied by permanent staff, leaving six positions vacant.

The situation is also concerning among assistant professors/lecturers, where only 23 out of 50 designated positions are filled by permanent staff, with 11 filled through academic arrangements and 16 remaining vacant. Moreover, critical roles such as lady medical officers, child psychologists, and casualty medical officers face vacancies, exacerbating the strain on existing staff.

Non-gazetted positions also witness significant vacancies at GMC Anantnag. Demonstrator roles, totaling 58 positions, have all been temporarily filled through academic arrangements. Among registrars/senior residents, 52 positions are filled through academic arrangements, leaving 26 positions vacant, further impacting the operational capacity of the institution.

Additionally, consultant and medical officer positions remain unfilled, contributing to the overall understaffing issue. In the non-gazetted category, vacancies persist across various roles, including nursing staff, paramedical staff, and other essential positions, totaling 64, 85, and 174 vacancies, respectively.

The high number of vacancies across gazetted and non-gazetted positions poses significant challenges to the effective functioning of GMC Anantnag. These shortages not only strain existing staff but also impact the quality and accessibility of healthcare services provided by the institution to the local community.

Addressing these staffing shortages is crucial to ensure the efficient operation of GMC Anantnag and to uphold its mandate of providing quality healthcare services to the region. Efforts must be made to expedite the recruitment process and fill these vacancies promptly, thereby alleviating the burden on existing staff and improving healthcare delivery in the area.(Wattan Daily)

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